Mary Mullen

	                                  Mary Mullen

-Fourth grade teacher, Brooklyn Elementary School, Brooklyn, WI, since 1992
-Guitar and harmonica player in Dark of the Moon Contra-Band, a women's band
-Other interests:
	-writing poetry
	-photography and collaging photos into scrapbooks
	-bicycling (rode the 475-mile GRABAAWR summer 2000)


-started the community garden in the Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood in what is
now Marlborough Park (1969)

-co-founder of the Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood Association (DMNA) (1973)

As a DMNA council member:

-instrumental in getting the city to buy the 19-acre Marlborough Park in
the Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood (1975) and to accept the idea of gardens in a
public park and extensive areas of long grass as well as a bike path
through the park (1976-77)

-successfully lobbied for preservation of buffer lands around Dunn's Marsh
					including 1 ¼ acres -
Lots 19 & 20 - northeast of the small marsh (1975-1979) and the 24 ½ acre
Schmidt property southwest of the marsh (1988)

-insisted that bikeways be included in the plats of Seminole Hills and
Seminole Forest and was such a gadfly that a policy was established against
vehicular access to Seminole Highway from Seminole Hills

On my own

-edited a neighborhood history book called THE BEST OF THE DUNN'S MARSH
NEWS with a grant from the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission (1990)